4G Solar Surveillance Camera Waterproof


4G Solar Surveillance Camera Waterproof

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 Welcome to the 4G Solar Surveillance Camera: Where Security Meets Sun and Fun! 

Get ready for a wild ride with our superhero camera packed with exciting features:

 Solar-Powered Wonder: No need to worry about charging thanks to the built-in 12000mAh battery and solar panel – always juiced up and ready for action!

 Cinematic Clarity: Immerse yourself in thrilling 5MP HD resolution, capturing every detail like a blockbuster movie!

 Network Ninja: Whether you're rocking 4G or WIFI, our camera is the ultimate team player, adapting to your connectivity needs.

 DIY Setup: Choose your adventure with two installation options – go solo or team up with an all-in-one setup!

 Speedy Surveillance: With lightning-fast 0.2-second wake-up time, you'll catch every moment faster than a speeding bullet!

 Nighttime Magic: Switch between vibrant color night vision and stealthy infrared mode – protecting your space 24/7!

 Superhero Chat: Use the two-way audio feature to communicate like a pro and keep your surroundings safe.

 Storage Superpowers: Safeguard your footage with SD card or Cloud Storage options – ensuring your data stays secure.

Built Tough: Our camera is waterproof (IP66 rated) and ready to face any challenge – just like a true hero!
 Smart Control: Enjoy the power of pan/tilt/rotate, digital zoom, and intelligent motion detection for total control and peace of mind.

 Easy App Access: Download the Smart app by scanning the QR code in the user manual – unlock a world of convenient monitoring!

 Remote Adventure: Monitor your domain from anywhere using IOS, Android, Windows, or your trusty web browser – take charge and have fun!

Unleash the power of protection and excitement with the 4G Solar Surveillance Camera – your security sidekick for thrilling adventures! 🎥🚨🌟

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