Light Laser Sword


Light Laser Sword

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Looking for an epic Lightsaber that will make all your friends jealous? Look no further than the Light Laser Sword! This sword features a Proffie Board with SD card, allowing you to customize colors, sound effects, and volume to your heart's content. You can also adjust the sensitivity when hitting and swinging, so you can tailor the sword's response to your battle style. Plus, the smooth swing function provides a realistic lightsaber experience that will make you feel like a true Jedi Knight!


Material of handle: Multiple Metal
Light: 12W LED
Battery: 18650 Battery (3200MAH)
Color of blade: Color can be changed
Size of blade: 1 inch(25.4mm)


Package Includes:
Metal handle with neopixel blade, blade plug, display stand, 
Charger, instruction, screws bag

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